Sunday, August 11, 2013

Weekend roundup: good times!

What a busy but great weekend.  The weekend kicked off Friday night with a concert in the park with some friends from pre-school.  We had thought the music was kid-kind, but we were wrong ... the band was called "Chastity Belt".  Guess I should have paid closer attention to the lineup.  We were with a couple other families from school and there were a total of 4 4-year old boys.  Wild!  First, Wilson noticed a man (I'm guessing was high) was dancing around with no shirt on - after that Wilson refused to wear a shirt.  Then, at a breaktime for the band, the dads took the boys to go racing to burn some energy - somehow they found an outdoor Zumba class where the boys decided to try to shake booty along with the class.  Oh boy.

Saturday was the Amazon party at the football stadium downtown Seattle.  It was fun but super packed!  We were happy to meet up with a couple friends, enjoy three bounce houses, and get some facing painting done ... but after Cole sprung a bloody nose on a spinning ride we were done.

Saturday evening was date night and Matt and I took in "The Way Way Back" at an awesome theater downtown called The Big Picture

This morning we kicked off the day with brunch with some other friends from the boys' pre-school down by the water.  In the afternoon we took in some bike riding then made our way to a friend from work's house for dinner along with another couple.  All of the other adults at the dinner were no-kid families so I think they were a little thrown by the boys.  We tried plugging them in with kid-friendly apps (thus feeling like horrible parents) but the boys preferred to pickup small antique looking violins.

We're ready for a weekend to recover from this weekend - but so fun!

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