Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend roundup: exploring Seattle


This weekend felt like summer finally came to visit Seattle.  Saturday we rally'd around the house to clean and then clean some more.  Saturday afternoon, after a failed attempt at a nap, we made our way to the Mounger pool in Magnolia (funny name, awesome pool) where the boys went off the kid water slide about 100 times.  

Saturday evening we made dinner for our friends who just had twins (this was week three actually, we've been doing dinner's every Saturday in honor of our pal Emily who coordinated something similar for us).  This week is was lamb, stir fried vegetables, brown rice, and tomato salad.  

Sunday we rose early and while the boys enjoyed a nice pancake and egg breakfast, I made it out for a short run breaking my running sabbatical.  As soon as I got home I found the boys dressed to go out - they were ready for blueberry picking!  I quickly changed and we made our way to Larson Lake blueberry farm.  Awesome.  That's all there really is to say about it.  We picked for over an hour and gathered nearly 2-lbs worth (or $3) of the best blueberries ever.  After picking we strolled through the farm house where we stocked up on fruits and veg for the week.  The grand total?... $12.  Seriously.  Awesome. 

Sunday evening was mostly laying in the grass reading while the boys did tricks on the swing.  Then I walked up to the butcher for some great local beef and we BBQ'd sharing the grill with our neighbors - a perfect Sunday dinner with local vegetables, fruits, and meat.
 All in, a pretty rad weekend.  I'm ready for another!

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