Saturday, December 7, 2013

Race report: Seattle half marathon

This is overdue ... but here goes.  Last weekend I ran the Seattle half marathon for the 4th time.  On the down side, I ran my worst half marathon (boo) coming in at 1:40.  On the up side, it was a beautiful crisp day and was another fun half. 

Matt and the boys brought me to the race starting line which was awesome.  I got out and bee-lined for the porta potties at the finish line.  Little known trick - potties at the finish line are typically a shorter wait than those at the starting line, also, much cleaner. 

When it was time to line up I made my way to the start with thousands of other runners.  Crammed in, I was reminded why I hate a) people who wear strong smelling deodorant while running, and b) BO.  I took off at a decent pace logging sub-7min miles.  After two miles I decided to pace a bit and found myself slowing down for a couple rolling hills.  Somehow I managed to pull a 5:35min mile on a downhill slope but then more than made up for it with a 10min mile going up through Leschi.  Throughout the race there were gusts of cold wind that made pushing through hard at times, but no rain.

All in, good times.  Next time I'll run faster!

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