Monday, December 2, 2013

Weekend roundup: Thanksgiving, trains, race, Santa - oh my!

What a BUSY long weekend!  It started on Wednesday when Wilson had the stomach flu and I picked him up from school early.  That entire afternoon was spent on the couch with my sleepy flu-y boy (poor guy).  That night Matt came home complaining of an "ouchie stomach" with Cole in tow who seemed fine. 

Thursday miraculously everyone felt better (thank goodness!) and we went out for a bit of soccer fun before we hit the kitchen.  Thursday afternoon was spent cooking cooking cooking.  We had an amazing feast (with enough food to feed a village) with Max, Laura, and Sasha.  The boys and Sasha dressed up for the event:
On the menu we had turkey, bacon brussel sprouts, baked local vegetables, bread and local cheeses, salad, mashed potatoes, warm bread ... and then 4 kinds of pie.  So much!

Friday I went into work in the morning but as it was dead quiet I made my way to the Seattle Marathon race expo - always a good time.  Friday afternoon was pretty mellow which was nice.  Saturday was another lazy day - Matt climbed and the boys and I played in the house.  That night we made our way to Laura and families new house for dinner - a feast of leftovers made into new and awesome dishes.

Sunday I rose early for the Seattle Marathon (race report to come) then walked home from the finish line to play legos for a bit with the boys.  After hours of legos, we bundled up and made our way to Snoqualmie for the Santa Train.  This was a double whammy (in a good way) - the boys first time on a train, and getting to see Santa.  Both were awesome - on the train neither Cole nor Wilson could stop smiling.  I'll admit, Matt and I were pretty giddy too.

When we finally got to see Santa, the boys plunged into deep conversations with him about why legos need proper stickers for eyes and how fun it would be if the boys could ride with him in the sleigh.

All in, a very busy and very fun weekend! 


Lucy Autrey Wilson said...

I can't wait to see everyone! I wish Cole's Boba Fett Lego T shirt was in my size, too, so I could take it home with me!

FriendlyFox said...

I'm glad to hear your boys recovered and were able to enjoy the Thanksgiving activities as well as the train ride. One day you ought to see if you can take them on the Sounder Commuter Rail, perhaps on one of the later trains that are somewhat less crowded. ;-)