Tuesday, August 19, 2014


This weekend Matt and I split up the boys for 1:1 time.  Saturday I took Cole to go pick out a lunchbox and walk around downtown, and Sunday I took Wilson to pick a lunchbox and get lunch.  We haven't done 1:1 time in a LONG time and it was well overdue - and a ton of fun. 

When Cole and I got downtown he was the perfect little gentleman.  We went into Nordstrom to look at lunchboxes (probably a mistake as they're kid-hipster and too pricey) and he was more infatuated with the balloons.  We landed on a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (or as Cole would say "Teenage Eheh Ninja Turtle" lunchbox with a matching waterbottle.  The weird part of being downtown was walking by all the homeless people.  Cole hasn't seen a lot of homeless people right next to him, so he kept stopping just a foot or so away and saying "mama, what's their sign say?  What do they want?"  That was a hard one to explain.

Wilson and I went to U-Village mall - a big shishi outdoor mall near the college.  It was a perfect sunny day and the mall was packed with families and kids playing in the water and eating outside.  Wilson and I got a picnic from a little deli and sat to watch the turtle fountain "spit" and enjoy the sun.  Then we went to three stores to find the "perfect" lunchbox - Wilson landed on a bag from Pottery Barn with tigers on it.

I'm sure the lunchbox and bag are complete overkill ... but it's KINDERGARTEN coming up and I feel like all things Kindergarten are a big deal.

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