Sunday, August 3, 2014

Weekend roundup: BBQ, biking, and bunks

This week we hit a big milestones ... bunks!  The boys agreed to swap the top bunk every other week... we'll see how long that lasts.
This weekend the weather is awesome in Seattle so most of the city is out enjoying it!  Saturday after karate, our friends came over to hang and play legos.  Micca and I took the boys on a long walk to a house down the hill where a woman has just started the coolest business venture - she has an eBay store and once a month she has a sales party at her house.  This time, she had a bounce house for kids, babysitters, and face painting.  How could you not buy stuff?!

After that, we prepped for a couple families to come over for BBQ.  The kids had a blast sitting and eating hot dogs outside while we lounged on the steps eating flank steak and Q'd veg.
 Today I rose early to head out for a long bike ride with my friend from work.  It was (1) my first time on my new bike and (2) my 2nd time using clips (the first time I quit after falling twice).  Aaron had to fix the clips on my bike before even starting but after fixing, I did a quick clip in/pop out lesson in our ally ... and bombed.  I fell hard which sent Cole and Wilson (dressed as a "space cowboy") running and laughing histarically.
 All in we had a good ride.  We did 40mi on the Burke Gillman trail and my ankle felt fine...ish.  My legs have seen better days that's for sure - I have a cut up knee, a bruise on my thigh from where the bike hit me, and my still somewhat swollen ankle.  Fun-wounds I guess!
 We wrapped up the weekend with an insane sun-ray filled sky, sprinklers, scootering, and the end of Star Wars (which we didn't finish Saturday night).  Good times!

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Lucy Autrey Wilson said...

Great pix! Can't wait to see all later this month.