Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A letter to Cole and Wilon on the first day of Kindergarten!

I can't believe you're now officially "school age" boys in Kindergarten.  You're going to do amazing things - you already do.  You're going to learn and contribute to other peoples' learning.  You're going to help others when they need it (like the little girl you, Cole, turned to and introduced yourself to when she was scared this morning).  You're going to ask a lot of questions (a LOT - even more than you already do) and be awed by the answers.  You're going to hit some challenges and learn to overcome them.  Work on the math ones - those aren't fun - learn and love learning early, I know you will.

This morning getting ready your daddy and I kept looking at each other not believing it was already "time."  It feels like we just brought you home from the hospital.  Now you're walking, running, talking, helping, smiling, laughing, sharing, getting bumped and bruised from exploring, and everything in between.  This past week you amazed us at Disneyland going on all the roller coasters your 42cm bodies were allowed on and asking to go "again again!"

After dropping you off today, and lingering with all the other parents who didn't want to go or let go, your daddy drove me to work and we talked about you and the amazing things you do and will do.  We both kept getting teared up and couldn't figure it out - by the end of the commute in to work we think we figured part of it out - we can't protect you from everything now.  You're going to make your own decisions and sometimes mistakes.  You are the maestros of your respective shows.  You will decide to listen and to pick up in class (with the teacher asking you to often, of course).  It's a seemingly tiny step into Kindergarten, but a big step for us. 

 You are so ready for this adventure.  When you walked into the classroom you found a seat at a table and sat right down to color.  You didn't look up much - I think part was shyness, part was not knowing the exact right thing to do, and part was the 50 parents standing in the room taking pictures and giving thousands of hugs, kisses, knuckles and high fives.  I didn't want to walk out of that room.  I wanted to sit down in Ms. Beaver's room 104 and learn right along with you.  But this is your adventure. 
Just so you know, after school, daddy and I had 2-hours of our own homework to do for you / your school - paperwork!  Your homework turn is coming, and we look forward to helping you with it.  What a cool, exciting time!  I'm proud to be your mommy.

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