Monday, July 6, 2015

1-day LA

This weekend, Matt and I did a whirlwind 1-day trip to LA to be major beach rat tourists.  I quickly fell in love with Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Venice Beach, and most of all Manhattan Beach.  By some awesome karmic luck, we were bumped up to first class on both flights - RAD!  I could get used to that, but I won't.  Here are some of the sites:

Meals ... me at lunch in Venice Beach, and then Matt at tapas dinner in Santa Monica:
The home of the person who created Barbi that we ran by on the way to the beach (yes, Matt ran):

A weirdly cool artists home in Venice Beach (the kicker is I Zillow'd Venice Beach and this home is probably worth $1.5MM):

Most of the time was spent at the beach where I read and napped and Matt swam.  It was a very quick trip as my mom was watching the boys, but the 1-day felt like a luxurious couple days and it was perfect.

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