Saturday, July 11, 2015

Water water everywhere

Last weekend my mom was in town and we made our way from beach to water parks around Seattle.  I've realized I LOVE water.  I love being around moving water, lakes, and water where I can dive in and play.  On Sunday after the 4th, we made our way to the East Side (aka Bellevue) to Enatai Beach where we spent hours digging, searching for treasures, and playing in the lake.  We rented a paddle board and spent time switching off between Matt and I and having the boys switch, too, paddling around the yachts and boats.

Monday, I took the day off work to explore Mercer Island with my mom and then a drive around Mt. Baker.  Then we pulled the boys out of school a bit early to head to Lake Union for running through wat
er fountains.  We lucked out and ran into the boys' friend from school and hung for the entire afternoon playing tag and dodge the water. 

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