Monday, July 3, 2017

The art of the swim

With my bum toe, I've been itchy to move.  Thus far, all I could do was situps, weights, and swim.  Because of my impending tri the swim is a necessity.  Here are a couple of my findings...
  1. I heart salt water pools!  In CO, I had the joy of swimming in a salt water pool.  Not sure if it was the salt water, the perfect temperature, the candles lit around the pool (seriously), the music playing around the pool, or what, but I loved it!
  2. Small lakes are yucky.  I've swum in Green Lake a couple times, and in Moron lake in Orcas Island and the tiny fish and seaweed give me the heebies.  
  3. Big lakes are awesome.  Lake Washington is amazing to swim in.  The cold water is a bit jolting at the start, but that's what wet-suits + pee are for.  Kidding.  Maybe.  
  4. Goggles that look like you just had an eye dr. appointment are key.  I've tried the small Phelps lookalike goggles and hands down the best are giant tinted UV goggles that make sure (a) no water gets in, and (b) I have more peripheral vision to see the fish, etc. jaunting around me.
  5. There is no beauty in the pool.  When the goggles come off, the eye wrinkles are magnified.  Also, everything from hair to smell to the jiggles are there for everyone to see.  Oh well.

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