Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend Roundup - Halloween prep!

Twas the weekend before my birthday
And all through the house
Not a twin was un-stirring
Not even a min
The boys were all run
And we calmed them with ease
With a BOB and a run
The energy, appease

OK, long poemstory short, this weekend was rad.

On Saturday we met up with Lisa, Frank, and Lila for some pumpkin picking.

Sunday came a lazy day with two, count 'em TWO runs - much needed!  The first was a goodmorning sunshine run with the boys, and the second was all me-time around the lake (in the dumping rain).  Sunday afternoon we made enchiladas, and Sunday evening we had a dinner party with my co-worker and his wife.

And now ... it's my birthday! Hurray!  I cannot believe I'm 31.  Oh boy.  I guess at 31 the fun has only just begun?  More poetry to round out the day/week/year.