Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A dose of vitamin R

I'm functioning on sleep deprivation + stress, so please forgive my randomness... or should I say pure radness?!! 

This morning, while biking to work, I was daydreaming on what might be a fun viral campaign.  Insert, "vitamin R."  Bam, this is going to be hot.  Here's the thought - vitamin R = vitamin rad.  It's that easy.  On a tangible note, it could be marketed with a revamped bottle of Bayer - just scratch off the bottom of the B, add a new simple but fab label, and there you have it - a jar of vitamin R.  Here's how the word is spread: take over the rad twitter feed (it's good ... but definitely not rad), start a vitamin R Facebook fanpage, logo thousands of t-shirts with a red square and the letter R, recruit for a rad mobsquad, and GO!  Who to sell vitamin R to?  Everyone!

Done.  That easy.  Rad is coming back.

Oh boy, I need to get some sleep.

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