Thursday, September 23, 2010

Daycare playcare

When we first moved to Seattle we were SO sad to lose our daycare and our amazing nanny.  We still miss them.  In fact, our nanny sent us the sweetest photo of her and the boys - it's now on our dining room table.  Why the dining room table to you ask?  Because when the boys see it they smile and calm down which gives me an extra 3min to get their banana cut up in the morning.

Now we have great helpers, too. Two days a week Matt brings the boys to a woman's house where she watches the boys with her 18mo old son.  The boys are happy happy happy.  While at the playground is where they spend most of their days (oh I hope you know what that's from!):

They're also learning chores like mowing the lawn:

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kimberly said...

Are they chillin out max and relaxin all cool? I found you through Multiples and More and just couldn't resist!