Saturday, September 18, 2010

Broken tooth!

The other night Coley fell in the bathtub.  HORRIBLE!  On top of the scare of falling, he chipped BOTH front teeth.  Honestly, poor Cole looked like a baby vampire.  And no, he's not a Twi-hard.  He cried, of course, and Matt and I also both felt like we had been hurt.  It stinks watching your kids get hurt.  Stinks!  It feels like "how could we have prevented that?  What horrible parents that we didn't!!"  The reality is we tried.  We really did.  But at 14mo old, the boys have more energy than I've ever seen, and they both seem to figure out the things they're not supposed to do faster than the things they are supposed to do.

After the boys went to sleep, I pinged the parents of multiples forum for a little help.  Within an hour three people emailed that they had had this happen, too.  They also gave dentist recs.

Friday, we started looking into a dentist.  We found one on Yelp with a horrible review - the mom said "he had a monkey who scared my son and we never went back."  Oddly enough, this was one of the one's recommended to us, and the dentist closest to our house and open.  Matt brought Cole in Friday morning and I am SO glad I wasn't there.  Apparently Cole did great.  Matt?  Not so much.  Just as much as it hurts seeing your kids get hurt, it hurts seeing them scared.  Imagine going to the dentist for the first time!  Oof.  Scary.

Cole got home with a new smile (still spiky teeth, but not as bad) and a stuffed monkey of all things.

We're padding our new house. 

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