Friday, September 3, 2010

Running roundup

Over the past few weeks I've been forcing myself to make time and hit pavement - and it's been awesome.  In Seattle, after driving around with Lisa (my old college roommate who happens to live in one of the raddest neighborhoods in Seattle with her hub, daughter, and baby on the way), I made it just before dark for a nice run around lower Queen Anne.

Back in the city on Wednesday too late to run, but I did manage to get out Thursday and Friday to enjoy my old easy 3-mile loop (over Russian Hill, around Ft. Mason, and back again).  Problem - I packed up my "real" running shoes so was stuck wearing some freebie trail shoes I had.  Wrong shoes = pain ... but to me the shin aches are worth it.

Speaking of wrong shoes, here's one that never ceases to baffle me:

I love Kelly Rippa, but really?!...

On the wrongy topic, my friend just started a great blog called Wrong Bike - almost makes me want to switch to wheels.  Almost.

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