Friday, September 3, 2010

Moving day!

Well, M day has finally arrived.  It's been quite a week, but actually a lot of fun, too.  Wednesday I came back to SF to get the family (and oh my goodness did I miss Wilson and Cole - wow, I never want to be away from them again - ever).

Yesterday movers came and packed up our house.  I have to say, if we ever move again this is the way to do it!  The one learning moment is I should've emptied the trash - they packed up everything (including what was in the bins).

Last night, we met up with our "daycare friends" for a final sushi dinner on the top of Russian Hill.  The boys enjoyed their first sushi (just the egg kind) while waving at the sushi chefs nonstop.  When we got home, our neighbor gave us a great bottle of wine from Washington - having no glasses, we emptied out some old jam jars and made due.

This morning, with no toys to play with, Cole and Wilson got creative with where and what they played with.  It was highly entertaining until Wilson thought he was locked into the table (which he climbed into). 

The day wrapped with a great party at the boys' daycare. 

We are really going to miss their daycare.  On top of that, words can't describe how much we're going to miss Paloma - she truly is like family and she made this past year phenomenal.  Our earth angel.

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