Monday, August 30, 2010

Let's talk busy-ness / business, shall we?

Wow.  It's been a week.  At the risk of over-doing it with paragraphs of "stuff," I'm going to give you the bulletized version.  So here we go:

Last week I wraped up work at MuleSoft (my old company which I loved and which truly still feels like my extended family) - it went a little something like this:
  • Tuesday: fly to New York
  • Wednesday: get name tags made (and hand cut by Lisa and myself because Kinkos (who had no line, had no time), re-work conference room layout, get team together for rehearsal (at ELEVEN PM - yes, caps, I'm yelling), read the boys a bedtime story over the phone (sob), mouth off to developer, fight with union, try to sleep
  • Thursday: Mule Summit; during the event customers pulled me aside to say "best ever."  After the event, our CTO/CEO both said, "I can't believe you're leaving.  I don't." Then our VP Sales said "this is your swan song, kid."  Heart = happy.
  • Thursday night: amazing dinner with Lisa and Andrew - I am so very lucky to have amazing friends.  So lucky.  And being an only child, I have the best "sister" ever.  Lucky x a million.
  • Friday: woke too early with no energy at all, packed, and made it to the airport - boarded and noticed there were 2 sets of twins and 10 babies on my flight.  Funny thing is in the past I would have reached for earplugs, this flight I looked at pics on my phone the entire time.
Flurry of a weekend with the boys (heart = happy), Matty (can't say enough ... "cloud 9" might be it - how did I find Mr. Perfectforme?).  Saturday I flew to Seattle - during the two hour delay I saw our Mayor with his baby girl and wife in the airport.  Cool, but would rather've skipped the delay. Sunday was a house hunt.  And then there as Monday. 

So, above a week deserved one bullet per day.  This being my virtual diary/over-typing-problem of the fingers forum, here's today.

Monday (aka first day at Amazon - aka, I went from a 50 person company to a 30,000 person company):
  • Drop to new hire orientation (NHO) because I didn't want to pay parking
  • 4-hours of NHO
  • Shuttle back to office
  • Work, work, work
  • Got on the wrong shuttle - went 20-min out of town
  • Waited 20-min, got on the "right" shuttle
  • Couldn't find car
  • "Validation" didn't work
  • Lost in market parking lot
  • Grocery shopping (omg, I LOVE Whole Foods here)
  • Couldn't find car
  • Went to get apartment key - 45min later, they finally found it
  • Went to pick up bags from hotel - couldn't park, didn't have cash for a tip, got uber nasty eye from baggage guys
  • Key didn't work for driveway at temp housing - a stranger let me in, only to see the garage door start closing on my car.  Oh JEEZ!
  • Finally got in - 2 GIANT suitcases out of the car + groceries + computer + 5 sets of keys Idon'tknowwhattodowith - went towards the "light" (lobby door) only to find stairs.  After a flight carrying EVERYTHING, I fell into the wall only to catch myself with my face.  Rad.  Turned around - camera was there.  Someone was laughing.  Nine trips and eight flights of stairs later and I crested my floor - turned around and saw an elevator.  No comment.

Here I sit, typing, looking for a house to rent, looking at pics of my family, and thinking "I'M DOING IT!" Because you know what?  I'm doing it.  I'm doing something out of my comfort zone that I've never done before and it sucks, but it's also friggin rad.  Here's what I know - "it (the vague /i/ word) will happen."  "Obla Di, Life Goes On." And most importantly, I have an amazing network who "have my back" and I know "this" (whatever this is) will work.

Thanks diary.  Next post will have to do with running.  I swear. 

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Laura said...

Welcome to the Pacific Northwest! We're all looking forward to seeing you soon. We're only three hours away in Portland, and have plenty of room, so if you need a place to come decompress you're always welcome here.