Sunday, August 15, 2010

Road Trip!

We've had a lot going on lately - as if twin 13mo old boys wasn't a lot already.  We were in escrow but had to walk away - an expensive and painful lesson I'll share some other time.  So, to take a break, we decided to get out of dodge this weekend and head south - San Diego to be exact.  Friday around 3pm, we had a little conversation like this:
Me: "How you feeling?"
Matt: "Antsy"
Me: "Want to get out of town?"
Matt: "Eh"
Me: "San Diego?"
Matt: "Really?!"  (he knows I hate road trips)
Me: "It is your birthday weekend..."
Matt: "Rockin' - let's go!"

An hour later we were in the car - yep, we blitzed fast getting the boys from daycare and packing up a random mix of sweats and swimwear. 

So here are some of the highlights...
I picked the boys up at daycare around 3:30 and it was such a happy moment - they were playing with the "big kids" each on a different walker car with a different toddler pushing them.  Awesome!  They were so happy it was great to see.  We left SF around 4pm trying to beat the weekend traffic.  I sat in the back with the boys entertaining them as we drove the first leg.  We drove to Santana Row for dinner with the boys and sat with all the yuppie suburbanites eating Mexican food and watching the boys rumble around.  Post dinner and a quick play in the lawn, we hit it for the long long long drive down south.  The trip was going great up until the last 45min when I heard "rumble rumble."  Both boys were sleeping soundly but the "rumble rumble" kept coming. 

When we finally arrived in SD, we pulled the boys out of their carseats only to find that Cole blew out beyond belief.  There's no masking this one, and no being polite - he had poop from his shoulders to his feet and the only way to get it off was to stick him in the shower onsie and all.  Poor guy!  At 2:30am the last thing anyone wants is a shower.

Saturday we spent a lazy day at Matt's parents house.  In the afternoon we went to the pool with the boys which was AWESOME!  They are total water babies and it's so fun kicking and splashing with the boys. 

In the early evening Matt's family (aunt/uncle, cousins and their babies, and his grandmother) came over to celebrate Matt's 30th.  Great food and company and a few hours later we were all beat.

Today we hit the road rather early - at 8am just for the boys' first nap.  First stop?  Starbucks.  After getting out, running for coffee, and getting back in the car we were on the road again... until I heard a "thump - splat!"  And looked down to realize my coffee wasn't there - I had left it on the roof.  Boo.  Three more stops, four books, 5 games of "can you find mommy" as I hid under a scarf in the backseat, 8 songs with Matt and I singing to entertain the boys, and 82 binkie reloads later, and we made it home. 

The moral of the weekend?  Next time we'll fly.  Car trips are great for some, but with babies in tow long bouts of sitting are less than ideal.

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MrsEm said...

So sorry to hear about the house. But it sounds like you had a great weekend. Let's get together soon. Start planning our October trip ;)