Monday, August 23, 2010

Oh puke

With all great changes comes a bit of stress.  Things have been nutty for us - just last week we decided to up and move to Seattle.  On the current home-front, I'm finishing up a conference for my current company and flying out to New York tomorrow for the event.  I return on Friday.  Friday, Matt flies to Seattle to start looking for apartments.  I fly up Saturday and Paloma (super-nanny) comes to watch the boys over night.  Sunday Matt returns and I start work at the new job Monday.  Feeling dizzy yet?  No?  OK, here's more.  Wednesday I fly back here we pack up and move into a hotel.  Saturday the 4th we "move move" to Seattle where we'll be living in temp housing. 

Last weekend I decided to do a garage sale to get rid of some of our stuff (mostly baby stuff) and NO-ONE showed up.  That is until after my dad (nicest super dad ever) offered to pack up everything and try to sell it in Marin (rad).  Post pack up and when my parents hit the road, the doorbell rings (during nap time of course).  Someone wanted baby clothes and I had posted 9-1 but I wasn't outside - shame on my.  Bummer.  Also during the flop of a garage sale, the construction workers kept coming over to check out the shoes, it was about 50 degrees (or less) and misting (I know, good practice), and a few homeless people came by to try to get stuff for quarters.  Rad (insert eor voice).  On the bright side, my parents came over to watch the boys and Cole and Wilson LOVE love love their grandparents.

Anyhow, enough frantic life aside.  This weekend we got to spend time with great friends and family.  Friday Courtney came over.  Saturday Gabe and Amanda arrived to hang and stay the night.  They are the best aunt and uncle I have ever seen (except mine of course - so let me rephrase, they're the best aunt and uncle for this generation).  The boys were going nuts with them having so much fun ripping through the house.  We also practiced getting the boys ready for Seattle - notice the plaid?

Sunday I met up with Rye Rye (who I am trying very hard to convince she needs to move to Seattle) and Jamie (who wound up walking tons of hills with me).  Sunday night Rob and Emily came over and Emily cooked amazing fish tacos - so nice!

Because of the million and 25 things we have to do right now, I haven't gotten out for a good run in weeks - sob.  In fact, I'm going to have to walk away from my pre-paid race bibs for the Envirosports Angel Island run and the Nike Half - MAJOR bummer!  These are two of my favorite races and not only am I eating $150+ but I'm missing the trails like you can't believe.  Not to worry, I've already been scoping out the runs Seattle will have for me - GNW, look out!  I'm going to hit those hills hard!

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