Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Running toys

For some reason that reads a lot dirtier than it sounded in my head (running toys ...) Then again maybe it's just because I'm blogging at 9:30 and am feeling a little punch drunk high from an awesome day, awesome run, awesome night.

Today the group that joined Luna Chix (aka, moi and another rad LC-er) introduced me to a new running toy - Gmaps Pedometer.  Love it!  Today's run group did an easy flat 6-mile out and back along the water (but if you add the tourist dodging and random-dude-jumping-in-front-of-me-wanting-to-make-small-talk-about-running (how's that for a sub-story all hyphened to go with his "hyphee" run talk).

Anyhow, I'll jump to the finish (because that's often the most fun line) - here's a peak at my Gmaps Pedometer tracked run from today ... ok, many peeks (it's rad, can't help myself!):

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