Thursday, August 26, 2010

Is New York Oz?

When I arrived to New York on Tuesday, I had to go for a run (after a long flight where I sat in the middle of the two women who seemed to get up more than anyone else on the plan, and then got jostled on my way out with "very busy and important" people, I needed to hit pavement).  The hotel for the event we're at is in the heart of Times Square - this seriously feels like Las Vegas but without all the weird grossness and gambling.  Giant lights, no sleep, and hoards of tourists.

Running up 42nd, I started to think "Is New York Oz?"  Here's why...
  • The New York streets are paved in gold - taxis are everywhere!
  • Instead of a poppy field, Mary Poppins fans are flowing through the street
  • Men (throwing empty boxes of food deliveries) rise through the street - before they appear, though, all there is is smoke and booming voices

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