Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend roundup: hot in Seattle!

The dark days of winter are gone (for now anyhow) and we just enjoyed an AWESOME weekend!  It was in the 70s both days, light at 5:30 (I know because the boys got us up) and dark at 9:30 and we loved every minute of it.  Matt's buddies from San Diego were here for a glass festival in Seattle (they're glass blowers) but because they were at workshops and events all day and most of the night it was as if it was just the 4 of us. 

Saturday I hit the road for an easy 5miler at 7am.  Then, we spent the morning at Gasworks Park - after hitting up Essential Baking Company we enjoyed our cinnamon rolls while watching the rowers train in the lake.  Saturday afternoon we made our way to Alki beach - it seems like half of WA did, too.  The beach was packed but the boys loved running from the tide.

Sunday I loaded the boys in the stroller for a quick 3miler (not so quick when pushing over 50lbs now + the stroller, but I'll chalk it up to weight lifting).  Then, we packed up and hit Farmer's with Nic and John.  The market was more crowded than ever as the sun was finally out, but we were able to stock up on some great local produce.  Sunday afternoon we made our way to a BBQ at some new friends just up the hill.  Kids really do put you in a new network of friends - we met Tanya, John, and their son at the park when Cole and Wilson took their son's toys and ate Tanya's snack.  Classy.

I'm hoping for more sun this weekend ... fingers crossed!

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Lucy Autrey Wilson said...

Where are the photos?? It rained here.