Thursday, June 23, 2011

Weekend roundup (a very late one)

With the sickness and breathing scare earlier this week, I neglected to post a mini weekend roundup.  Before I do - the boys are both MUCH healthier now, which makes us happier.

Back to the weekend - it was Father's Day weekend so Matt was the king.  Both mornings Matt slept in (to the late hour of 7am).  Saturday was the Fremont Festival here in Seattle which seems to be most well-known for it's naked bike riders and amazing solstice floats - the music, food, and stalls are all quite a site, too. 

In the afternoon we walked over the hill to see the haps (and we were pleased to have missed the nudies).  On the way to the fest, we stopped by the troll for a quick photo op.

Sunday we had a loungey morning in the house, then packed up to head to Ballard.  Matt went climbing and the boys and I enjoyed Farmer's.  Then we all met up at the Locks to watch the ships coming and going.

Sunday night we enjoyed a mellow dinner at home and called it a weekend.  All in all a good time!

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