Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend roundup

It was a busy weekend and an awesome one!  Saturday was the second race in the Cougar Mt. trail series - an 8.2 mile HILLY course.  I placed first female and 39th overall (out of 239) with a time of 1:07:25.

One cool thing is I got interviewed by a local paper and apparently am going to be in Wednesday's issue. Now if I could only work on my posture.

Matt brought the boys which was great.  They had a fuss when the race started (with Wilson yelling "mommy mommy mommy") but when I finished both boys were clapping full force.  Apparently they explored the area quite a bit, too ...

Saturday afternoon Matt's parents got here which was terrific.  They took off with the boys to Ballard for the afternoon and took in some boat sighting. 

Sunday we rose early (as usual) and made our way to Tiger Mt. for a hike around the lake.  Sunday afternoon brought a visit from Matt's aunt and uncle from SD.  The boys were super shy at first but quickly opened up ... a trip to the park helped.

All in all, a terrific weekend!  I'm ready for another :)

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