Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Things I love: Running apps!

So I have a love / hate relationship with my phone. Having email all the time day and night can be rough - if I see something come up at work, I have a very hard time holding myself back from working on it.  That said, I love having pictures and videos of my boys anywhere I go.  I love having my music loaded in Cloud Player right on my phone so I can take that running instead of my iPod (when I'm on a long run and decide to go longer I can let Matty know).  I am now loving all the great running apps there are for phones. 

Recently I Beta tested Sports Tracker for Android - what a cool app!  This is an app that helps track runs by distance and time, but also doubles as a great social networking app as you can automatically upload your workout, and even images, to the Sports Tracker site.  By default you're "introduced" to athletes around the world and can stay on top of runs and workouts and see some cool routes in the process (if people upload pictures).  The app is now out of Beta and is available on Android, iOS, and Ovi - if you feel like geeking out on the run, check it out!

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