Saturday, October 1, 2011


I absolutely love my family.  It's not just because when I'm feeling a little backwards "I am" still in it.  Get it?  Family?  OK, that sounded much funnier before I typed it. 

We just got back from dinner at my cousin Rebecca's house.  My aunts Elsa and Laura came up (Elsa from CA and Laura from OR) along with my cousin Matthew and his clan.  The house was packed with 5 kids and many exhausted adults ... and just relaxing.  On the way home Matt and I were talking about nature and nurture and how that can impact who you like/love.  I love my family not just because they're family - but because we're all a little quirky and we're cool with it.  Matt loves my family not just because he has to (it's my blood) but because they're like me. 

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