Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gladiator Rock'n Run Race Results

Rather spur of the moment, yesterday Matt and I decided to do the Gladiator Rock'n Run - a mud run / obstacle course / race.  Although the race itself was just a 5K it would tough - along the way were 14 obstacles that were quite challenging. 

Driving out to Kent we started getting a bit leary of the race.  The temperature dropped to 33 at one point and we were almost ready to head back.  Upon arrival at the race course, the temperature was back up to a whopping 44 degrees and we were stoked - much better for a mud run.

Matt's parents flew in on Saturday morning and met us at the start of the race to watch the boys - the timing couldn't have been better.  Almost as soon as Don and Kathleen got there, we made our way over to the starting line where we were surrounded by a sea of 20 something dressed up racers.  The race started with a monster truck driving in front of us for a couple hundred yards to get things going.  Then we made our way up, down, up, down, up, down some bleachers.  After the bleachers we went over a set of spools, then down a mud chute, through some tubes filled with mud, over a pile of tires, through a pool of ice cold water, up a muddy hill with the help of some ropes, over a series of 6 foot muddy hills, over an 8 foot wall, over a junk yard truck, through a tire track, over a slick wall with ropes (I needed help on this one), over a cargo wall, and through fire.  Just typing it all I'm exhausted!

More than anything it was just fun doing a race with Matt.  The field really wasn't competitive - it was more about doing it and having fun.

At the finish line Cole and Wilson looked totally baffled as to our muddy faces and bodies.  Cole kept telling me to take a shower and he couldn't understand why we were so dirty.  Wilson was just silent trying to figure out what we had done.

P.S. Notice the sunglasses?  Those are my new Margaritaville "Traveler" sunglasses that I got to do a product test on.  I rocked them through the ENTIRE race (great way to break them in, eh?) and absolutely loved them. I got the rose colored lenses because I wanted a rosy hue on the dark gray winter here.  The glasses fit perfectly so I didn't lose them in the mud - phew - and really did help at the turns where the sun was right in my eyes.  Now it's gone back to gray in Seattle, but I can't wait to rock these again.

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