Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011 - Bob the Builders!

Halloween has come and gone and now it seems like jingle bells, retail swells, and turkey talk have taken over everything.  Halloween is still near and dear in our home, though, as the boys have now taken to saying "trick or teat" and waiting to see what we'll give them.
Matt's parents were in town this past weekend, so on Halloween the 6 of us went trick or teating around the neighborhood.  Poor Coley had a cough so we didn't last long.  Cole was hilarious - whenever we asked him "are you Bob the Builder?" he would reply "No, I'm Coley!"  Cole also struck up a conversation with a ghoast who was about the same size as him for a brief while, while Wilson decided between candy and bouncy balls at someone's house (in the end he got both).  Wilson also thought we were going for a bunch of play dates and kept walking into peoples' houses starting to take his shoes off.

My sweet boys.  I'm a lucky mommy!

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