Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Jealousy and love

Usually these two words aren't closely related with feeling between two people (as opposed to external players - e.g. jealousy of a husbands / boyfriends / whatevers cute co-workers). 

Cole and Wilson are expressing themselves more and more every day, and continuing to grow into being TWO.  With this comes a great deal of jealousy and love.  The boys have been sick, so that doesn't help much.  Lately, if I'm holding Cole, Wilson cries to be held.  If I'm holding Wilson, Cole cries to be held.  If Wilson falls and I kiss his booboo, Cole fake falls and asks for kisses.  Here are some of the funnier examples:
  • Cole work up from a nap the other day yelling "Wilson pushed me" - odd thing was they were in separate cribs 
  • Cole fell and got a band-aide.  Wilson had already been told "no" on band-aides because his phantom ouchies are resulting in band-aide requests all over his body, so instead of faux-falling, he pulled his pants down for quick attention.
  • Wilson put on rainboots, and Cole started putting on Crocs.  When they saw each other, they immediately wanted the same shoes the other had
Because of the last point we do occasionally bend to doing matchy outfits ... and it's so cute!

On the flip side, the boys love each other so incredibly much it makes my heart happy.  Sometimes early early in the morning I'll hear them talking across their bedroom.  Cole often brings Wilson leftover milk (given, it was in Wilson's cup) and Wilson often gives Cole his leftover food.  The boys also sometimes spur of the moment hold hands in the car or reach for Matt's and my hands for impromptu ring around the rosy. 

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