Sunday, November 20, 2011

It was a great run

Saturday I met up with a co-worker / fellow Amazon-run-club member who lives in my area for a long run.  It was MUCH needed considering I have the Seattle half coming up and really haven't run in weeks.  It was a good ... no, great, run.  We started in Wallingford and made our way to Ballard, then back up through Phinney and down around Green Lake a couple times, and back down to Wallingford.  He (my co-runner) mapped an excellent course that was similar to the Seattle half for prep - we faced two loooong hills, a few flats, and then some rolling hills.  The weather couldn't have been better.  It was cold (35 in the morning to be precise, more like 40 by mid-day) but sunny (rare in Seattle this time of year). 

Along the route we marveled at the number of people out and about.  I can't imagine being in a place where being active is not the norm.  It should be the norm ... but I'm biased.

Yes, it was a great run.  Let's just see how the race next weekend goes ... I just hope to finish.

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