Thursday, October 13, 2011

Only in Seattle ... isms

We've known Seattle was a little different ever since we moved here.  When we first moved here our corporate housing was between uber richy houses and the slums of downtown Seattle so we saw clubbers, druggies, and dashing dames and dudes every night.  At work the standard dress is flannel plaid and jeans, unless it's summer and then t-shirts trump the plaid.  Weekends?  A bit more dressy with knee high rain-boots over jeans and jackets.  If you "cruise" downtown Seattle by Pike place, you'll see people asking for money who are wearing trendier clothes than I can afford and inevitably touting some animal hat.

Last week, a self-proclaimed superhero unmasked in downtown Seattle after a pepper spray incident. 
Best part of this photo?  Our friend is the reporter in the background.

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