Saturday, December 3, 2011

Race report: Seattle half marathon

The week has been so busy I never posted my Seattle half race report.  The run was awesome.  It was raining just the perfect amount, but the crowds and the beautiful city scenery made up for it.  Also, it was rather warm which made it fun to run in the rain.

As usual, I started out much too fast running my first three miles in 6:30s.  Part of it was because at the starting line I landed next to a shirtless guy with tons of BO.  The other part is there were a lot of people at the starting line who were more like 10min milers than 7:30s and I just wanted to get out of the crowds.  At about mile three I hit a mini wall and I saw the 1:30 pace flag sweep by me.  At mile 8 I hit another mini wall (but this time it was after a giant hill at Lesche) and I saw the 1:35 pace flag go by.

I wound up running 1:39:57 and I came in 66th overall and 9th in my age group (although there's one woman in there with the weirdest "uneven" split - she ran a 1:15 first 6mi and then an 00:35 second 6mil ... another London incident? ...)

I was a little bummed with my time, so instead of waiting for Matt to pick me up I ran home.  Maybe nuts, but it felt good - plus it only added 3.5 miles.

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