Sunday, December 25, 2011

What an awesome Christmas

The boys are now starting to get "Christmas" and "Santa" which made this year especially fun.  Yesterday (Christmas Eve) we made our way to the zoo to wish all the animals a Merry Christmas.  We of course had to hop on the merry go round before we could leave.

Last night, the boys watched for Santa, then after we told them he won't come until they're sleeping, they agreed to part ways with the window and come to my cousin Rebecca's to celebrate the season.

Rebecca had an amazing Christmas Eve dinner with her dad and his wife, John's family and extended family, and us.  Kids running everywhere, decorations galore, and the best Christmas food. 

This morning the boys were incredibly spoiled.  Some favorites were musical instruments, books, a train set, and legos.
All in, we were / are amazed at peoples' generosity this year.  Most of all, we've loved watching (and hearing) the boys shriek for joy when they talk to their grandparents on the phone and on Skype - they are so filled with love for their family and friends.  Good reminder to enjoy those around you.

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