Sunday, January 1, 2012

You know it's time to potty train when ...

For months we've been trying to get into potty training mode.  We have the mini potty (that sings even).  We have the "grown up potty" mini seat that can perch a toddler on the big toilet.  We ask the boys if they have to go potty to which they always reply yes (because they get stories while sitting on the toilet and Wilson gets a laugh out of pulling an oldmanpoopface).  Not enough.

The past two days have been full of NUMBER TWO.  Not in a good way.  The twins (two) who are two - great.  The poop coming from two two year olds?  Not great at all.  Yesterday when I was on a long run during naptime, the boys did a doozy.  I got home to Matt looking frazzled sitting on the couch.  He said to look at my phone where I saw this text message:
"OMG!  Both boys?  Naked in bed.  Poop all over crib."

Apparently while I was out on my long run, the boys plotted to plop and spread.  Matt went to check on them during naptime and both boys were naked from the waist down, both with their own waste (GIANT POOPS) in their crib.  Both with it all over their hands.


We thought we had taught them how not acceptable poop in the bed was.  Then today happened ... After we put the boys down it was super quiet for about 30-min.  Then, all of a sudden I hear Cole singing "the wheels on the train go ..." (he's in a train mode - so past busses).  I walked into his room ... and ... POOP all over his hands, all over the sheets, and all over the bed.  In his words Cole made a "poop train" on his bed.


So yes, it's time to crank up the potty training.  It's also time to get more overalls. 

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Jane said...

OMG! That's gross. My boys are 5 and we have had many other poop issues, but making a poop train hasn't been one of them. One of mine tried to wipe himself the other day and ended up thinking it was a good idea to wipe his poop on the bathroom idea why...but that was gross.

Anyway, I have read your blog for a while and this is my first comment - yay for twins and yay for running. I enjoy reading about your adventures. :)