Wednesday, January 25, 2012

SH*T Twins Say

One best things about toddler twins is them finding their voice and stringing together real sentences ... here are my favorites from the past couple days:

(Wilson and Cole sitting at the table)
Wilson: Look what my made Cole!
Cole: I like dat! Dat beautiful!

(Family dinner)
Cole: Daddy?
Matt: Yes, Cole?
Cole: I love you so much.

(After most of the snow melted)
Wilson: I want to go sledding!
Cole: Me too.
Matt: Let's go play outside!
Cole: (putting the sled on the sidwalk and sitting down)
Wilson: It's not working
Matt: It needs snow
Cole: (putting snow into the sled)
Wilson: (sitting down)
Matt: It needs to be on the hills
Wilson and Cole: (putting snow (in pinches - there was hardly any) onto the very dry hill

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