Monday, February 13, 2012

BIG weekend

What a big weekend - one that could span many posts.  We hit two major milestones:
  1. "Big boy beds" for Cole and Wilson
  2. We moved into our new home
Both life changing and both all consuming right now.

First, the biggie - home!  In the end of December we put a really aggressive (read: low) bid on a house in Queen Anne and it was accepted.  Jump forward a few weeks and we were packing and moving.  My uncle loaned us his truck and muscle for a day to move load after load of boxes (we have a ton of stuff) and this weekend movers came for the furniture.  Now we're surrounded by boxes, but we are HOME.  That word has a whole new meaning.

Here's the glamor shot:
The day we moved in we realized we were / are real owners; we had a few mishaps:
  • I poked a hole in the ceiling in the bathroom with a shower stand
  • The tub hot water handle fell off
  • The heater got stuck on 85 degrees (thanks to Cole who turned it all the way up)
  • The blinds are all cattywampus (thanks Cole and Wilson for looking for doggies)
But we love it.  And it's a good thing Matt is a good Mr. fixit.

Onto the beds ... the boys love them, and they are definitely testing their boundaries.  Whereas it used to take 10min for bedtime (story + hugs + water + tuck in) it now takes nearly an hour (store + hugs + knuckles + hugs + story + water + tuck in - tuck in + walk around + story + tuck in ... and on and on).


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Congratulations! What a cute place. Post more photos!