Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I'm in New York for the week for work so logging into anything personal or trying to squeeze in a run has been tough.  I did make it to the gym last night to shake off the jet lag - what a different experience being in a "big city gym"!  I used to think of myself as a complete city girl with San Francisco running through my blood, but New York (where I've been many times before) is a CITY in all caps.  Because of the crowds I opted to walk and gym, but it's making me want to do the NY Marathon that much more - I'd love to see the streets empty. 

Travel has meant I have to do bedtime stories over the phone and I swear my boys grew up too much in the 1-day I've been gone.  We had a full conversation this evening which made me so happy and so amazed how fast time flies, too.  Yeesh!

Running diaries to come!

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