Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend roundup: Running in SLO

Last week was a BUSY week.  Monday I flew to NY for a conference and returned to Seattle on Thursday.  Friday at 6am I took off for San Francisco to meet up with Ryan - then we drove down to San Luis Obispo for a college reunion with all 5 of the college roommates.

The weekend was awesome!  Friday afternoon we strolled around SLO - so many changes!  We did a little wine tasting downtown - something we were never posh enough to do in college.  That evening was a fancy, leisurely, dinner and an early bedtime for me. 

Saturday I rose early(ish) for a run around campus - here's my run on memory lane:
A run into campus past Poly hill:
Past the library (quick story - when I was in college I was in Alpha Phi.  One night I had to be Phi phone where I drove to bars to pick up other Phis.  One girl called and said she was at the library ... odd, I thought, but off to campus I drove to the library.  She was at the most popular bar downtown, though - the "Library":
 Past Campus Market (bet tri tip in town):
 Past the business building where my roommates Ryan and Anna spent most of their time:

A stretch break by the architecture buildings (where I spent many late nights chatting with Matt and Linzy):
Past the gym (they've seriously updated since I was in school - now students scan their hand to go swim laps in the infinity pool - yeesh!):
Out past the dorms:

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