Monday, January 14, 2013

Race report: Bridle Trails 10mi

I kicked off the year with a great January race this past weekend.  This was my third year for the Bridle Trails 10-mile, and my favorite year ... because I won :).  The race was tough but fun - it started at 3pm which made the morning planning challenging, and ended in almost pitch black because it still gets dark so early here.  The trails were also covered in ice and slushy snow which made for some interesting slips.

Here are my tips for an afternoon race:
  • Plan your food - carbo loading the night before doesn't work so well.  I had cereal for breakfast, and then a bagel with egg and salmon for lunch.
  • Take it easy-ish, but move in the morning - I took the boys for a long (for 3 year olds) walk.
  • Enjoy it!  I decided this year I'm going to just enjoy all things running and not try (too hard) to beat the clock.
I ran an uneven split heavyweighted the wrong way - my first lap was 00:35:48 and my second 00:37:25 averaging out at 7:26/mile.

For music I went back to the '80s and played a good 'ol mix loop of one hit wonders.

The prize for this race was pretty cool too - a horse shoe:

Now if only I could master not looking so dorky at the start:

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Lucy Autrey Wilson said...

A lone woman among a bunch of men at the start. I'd say that's looking pretty good!