Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas with the Taylor Twins!

What an awesome Christmas.  So far this was my favorite yet - and it was my favorite because I was surrounded by friends, family, and happiness. 

We kicked off Christmas with a dinner party on Sunday the 23rd with our friends the Butlers - our house quickly filled up with 9 adults and 5 kids.  We made it a casual dinner with chilli, corn bread, and lots of cookies.

On the 24th both Matt and I had to work but we both made it a short day.  Don and Kathleen (Papa Lito and Grandma Lita) were champs and took the boys to the Seattle Great Wheel and then to the doctor.  The doctor part was random but I was able to get Cole in for a last minute appointment to look at a rash (eczema it turns out) and they brought him in.  After Matt and I got off work, we bee-lined to the market for last minute dinner goods and then home to cook home made enchiladas.  We also broke into some presents early - Matt's mom brought two sweaters Gabe and Matt had when they were kids ... they didn't fit the boys but we tried them out. 

Today was just awesome.  The boys woke at 5:30 (not awesome) and after 2 cups of coffee we were all ready for Christmas.  It took SIX HOURS to open presents - yikes!  But not because there were so many (although there really were a lot - Santa was generous this year) but because the boys insited on playing with every single new toy.  I wound up hiding a few after they opened them so we can bust them out throughout the year to play with.

All in, a great Christmas.

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