Sunday, December 2, 2012

A little late - Thanksgiving recap!

This post is way late in the making - I blame it on recovering from food coma ...

This year we celebrated Thanksgiving at our place.  We had two other transplant families over - one from SF, and one from NY - we're bridging coasts here. 

For the grand dinner, we made turkey, brussel sprouts with and without bacon, green beans with gorgonzola and walnuts, winter salad with kale / persimmon / artichoke hearts / kalamata olives / and lettuce.  We also had stuffed mushrooms, cheese plates, and truffle popcorn for finger foods before the feast.  In retrospect, not really needed ...  Our friends brought a turkey shaped / formed fruit plate, root vegetables, and sweet potato with ginger snaps.  All in DELISH!  And thank goodness for stretchy pants.

After dinner we played with the kids - a house with 4 three-year olds and a 14-month old is a busy house indeed.  We also talked albeit very little about what the winter will bring.

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