Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekend Roundup: Xmas Decor!

It's definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas here.  Seattle is filled with lights on all the leafless trees.  Santa(s) are walking the shopping centers. The wind chill is kicking in and the rain is picking up.

This weekend was all about the holiday spirit for us.  Friday night we had our now regular "family movie night" where we made popcorn, cut up grapes, and made a "nest" to cozy up and watch a short movie.  We opted for a new Dr. Seuss Christmas movie by PBS that we got from our neighbor who is a PBS Director of Content. 

Saturday we made our way to see Santa at Swansens where we've now been three years in a row (I cannot believe it).  Cole somehow mastered the fake smile, and Wilson couldn't stop rambling off a list of present ideas to Santa.  When Santa first asked "what do you want this year?" Wilson replied, "A lot of things.  No, really, a lot."  To which Cole added on, "Yeah, me too.  I want lots of presents, OK?"  Santa probed, "But what?"  And the list that ensued lasted nearly 5min much to the chagrin of the growing line behind us.  At Swansens the boys also got to ride Santa's sleigh which was a big hit.

Sunday was Christmas tree day!  We found a tree lot just down the hill which was perfect because we weren't too keen to drive around Seattle with a tree on our hood.

Post-decorating, Cole let us know that we didn't have "nearly enough lights" and said we needed to get more to finish our house "so Santa could find us." 

Christmas is way more fun with kids.  Seriously.

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