Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The end of series dates 12/12/12

Unless I have my math wrong, we're not going to have another series of dates where the day, month, and year numbers are the same.  I don't think there's a 13th month ... WILD!  In fact, this is the last major numerical date series in this century.  I love firsts and I love lasts.

Apparently today was supposed to be a great day based on the numbers per Huffington Post.

In the interest of all things 12, here are the 12 things on my bucket list for the next 12 years:
  1. Travel with my boys to Thailand
  2. Travel with my boys to London
  3. Iron Man
  4. Great Wall of China marathon OR London marathon - this is a swapper 
  5. New York marathon 
  6. Fix and sell house
  7. Re-read Nietzsche
  8. Go to a black tie ball
  9. Ski in Whistler 
  10. Teach my boys to ride bikes 
  11. Camp with my family 
  12. Write a book - even if I'm the only person who reads it
And in the spirit of indulgence, here are the 12 things on my xmas list:
  1. Trip to Canada to ski
  2. DVF swimsuit 
  3. A good book
  4. Facial
  5. Earings
  6. Ladjili necklace
  7. Home cooked dinner
  8. Ability to sleep in for one weekend
  9. Family movie night
  10. Oiselle rundies or necklace
  11. New Newtons
  12. Jacket
Resurrecting from the archives on the web, here are more top 12s.

Top 12 places to visit from HuffPo:
  1. Monte Carlo, Monaco
  2.  Heidelberg, Germany
  3. Salzburg, Austria
  4. Florence, Italy - been there!
  5. Lucerne, Switzerland - been there!
  6. Tokyo, Japan- been there!
  7. Venice, Italy- been there!
  8. Siena, Italy
  9. Rome, Italy- been there!
  10. Hamburg, Germany
  11. Sydney, Australia- been there!
  12. Amsterdam, The Netherlands- been there!
 The 12 hardest races in the world from fitbie:
  1. Trans Pyr - Spain
  2. Ironman Kona - Hawaii
  3. Leadville 100 Run - Colorado
  4. BC Bike Race - British Columbia, Canada
  5. Badwater UltraMarathon - California
  6. Rouge Roubaix - Louisiana
  7. La Ruta de los Conquistadores - Costa Rica
  8. H.U.R.T. 100 - Hawaii
  9. Haute Route - Switzerland and France
  10. Cent Cols Challenge - Europe
  11. SavageMan Triathlon - Maryland
  12. Brek Epic - Colorado

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