Monday, October 14, 2013

Race report: Defiance 30k

Fall is fully upon us and that means ideal running season!  This weekend my friend Asia and I ran the Pt. Defiance 30k trail race.  I won, but it was BRUTAL!  I'm now vowing not to race such a long distance without training again. 

The race was two loops around Pt. Defiance with a gain / loss of 1,300 per loop.  At the end of each loop was a rope to help guide down the hill - it was that steep.  The race was beautiful, though - behind Big Sur Marathon, this is hands down my favorite.  There are views of Gig Harbor, a 500 year old tree, and beautiful forests.  The race started with a flat road, then a stair climb up the side of the hill - after that, it was all hills. 

In the beginning I was having a great race - loving the views, loving the hard footwork.  At about mile 15, though, I crashed mentally - physically I was fine.  I more than crashed - I went from awesome runner's high to weird hallucinations where I was literally seeing the trees and plants glow.  Not rad.  The weird part of this hallucination was that there were teenagers on the side of the hill picking mushrooms - I'm sure they were going for a different type of hallucination.

From miles 15-18 I struggled to push through the mental wall - a little walking, a little running, and I made it, though.  Miles 19-20.5 (yes, this was more than a 30k) were just go time - I could feel the finish line and I was ready.

All in, this was a tough one.  I'm glad I won!  And I'm encouraged to reinvigorate the training (again).

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