Sunday, October 27, 2013

Weekend roundup: birthday bliss

My birthday was on Friday so I took the day off work to have a nice staycation in Seattle.  I woke up blissfully late and watched the news while drinking tea, then took the bus downtown.  Downtown, I enjoyed a long coffee at a little cafe near the museum and caught up with Lisa.  It was amazing how many people were in the coffee shop having brunch or working away on their Apple computers - very Felicity.  Post-caffeine, I made my way to the SAM to take in some culture.
 After the museum I hoofed it up to Penelope and the Beauty Bar for a completely blissful facial.  An hour and a half, and the feeling of a new face later, and I went back tot he SAM to meet up with Matt for lunch at Taste.  Dining on a Friday afternoon with just the weekend ahead of us was awesome.  Post-lunch, I walked home stopped at Pike Place market and a couple shops along the way.  That night we had a great birthday dinner and made it an early night. 
Saturday was also pretty mellow with some house cleaning, Saturday afternoon I met up with some friends for girl time (aka, Thai food and tea). 

Today was an awesome kid day (for the boys and for the kids within Matt and I).  We went to the Museum of Flight.  We had no idea it was "museum of fright" day with special Halloween events all over the museum which made our visit double the fun.  The boys ran around all the planes and space exhibits, and then ran around again doing Halloween spooktacular events including making ghosts, racing spaceships, making candy corn paper airplanes, and more.

Cole decided his ghost needed a little ... anatomy ... and now I'm trying to keep a straight mommy face anytime he points it out saying "not appropriate for public."  But so funny.

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