Monday, May 26, 2014

Real swimmers freestyle

I'm starting my triathlon training (yikes!) and am picking up swimming.  I have never been a good swimmer, in fact, I only ever remember doing it in preparation for a tri - of which I've only done 2.  My very first tri, I got so freaked out, I did the breast stroke UNDER everyone and came in in the last 5 people. 

This weekend I got a trial membership to the Olympic Club to use the pool - easier having a 24/7 pool to do laps in than to try to guess when the public pool will be open ... or clean.  In the pool, we get lanes in 30min increments - just like popular cardio machines.  30min is just fine by me as that's about all I can do now, with my breast stroke.  Looking around the pool today I realized I'm the only one doing breast stroke - everyone else does freestyle with the pro looking flips. 

When I started feeling like a fraud in the pool I reminded myself that like running, getting in and just doing it makes me a swimmer.  So I guess real swimmers do breast stroke and freestyle etc.  Just like real runners do anything from 400 yards beyond.

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