Thursday, October 2, 2014

Multi-family trip: Ft. Worden

Last weekend we got outta dodge with 6 other families (yes, 6!) all with our 5 year old boys, and some younger tots in tow.  The weekend was amazing and surprisingly not too kid-drama.  We left Seattle Friday afternoon for the Everett Ferry to get over to Ft. Worden (which BTW is where An Officer and a Gentleman was filmed).  At the Ft. we rented two old houses on officer's row.  I thought we'd be cramming in, but the houses were giant - so big that when I got lost in the rooms of one I got a little freaked.

Our days were a mix of playing at the beach:
 Mommys goofing out:

 Scootering around the house, and just hanging out as a big giant bunch:
On Saturday we walked down to the forts and the kids went wild running through long hallways and playing on the walls.  We're already trying to plan for next year, but believe it or not it's booked through Sept 2015!!  Crazy.

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