Saturday, January 23, 2010

Race day - hurray!

Today was the PCTR Pacifica 21k and it was friggin awesome! I ran a 2:01 beating my time last year by over 12min (then again, last year I was 4-months pregnant with the twins) and placed 2nd female. Trail runs are always a great time for thinking - my thoughts were truly all over the place, so I'll give you the Clif Notes:
  • My new phrase? Just did it. The race that is. The Army can keep "be all you can be," Nike can have "Just do it" - I say, skip the planning and get 'er done.
  • Motto for the race? Feet on the ground, heart with my boys, and head somewhere else.
  • Thoughts on happiness? Take time ... that's it. Just take time - time to enjoy, time to be alone, time to push it to the limits.
  • The t-shirt line I want to make? "As is." Says a lot - no need to fake, just be. As is.
More musings to come - for now I need ice ... stat!

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