Monday, January 4, 2010

Weekend Roundup: over the bridge, and through the trees, the holiday wrap-up has come

I just got used to being on holiday and work is back upon us. This past (long) weekend was pretty awesome, though. The boys are more exhausting than ever, but luckily we're surrounded by amazing friends and family who help.

New Year's Eve didn't bring much partying this year - instead it brought a (wonderful) mellow evening watching the ball drop on TV in New York and bedtime for Matt and I at 9:30pm. Friday we went to my mom's house for the Wilson (family name, not baby name) family Christmas.

Saturday brought a GREAT run in the park - my first with the Bob!! - with a friend from Parents of Multiples while Matt climbed with Rob and Emily - then we went to Rob and Emily's new place for an amazing lunch and "chill" time in their new loft.

Cole is not loving belly time, but he is digging (faux) walking. Wilson has taken to lounging while eating - he's comfortable with everyone.

Sunday, winding down from the weekend, we spent the morning cleaning (a never ending task here now). I met up with GGRC at 10 for a nice 8mi run through the Presidio - GGRC runs are the only things helping boost my mileage, I have no idea when/how I'll get enough miles to give the Boston Marathon a proper go ... but I'll do it. Sunday afternoon Ryan (Wilson's Godmother) came over to play with the boys - we all walked through North Beach and made it to a local wine bar to close out the weekend.

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Mercy said...

Thank you for keeping everyone posted. I love you, Mercy