Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend Roundup: I heart San Francisco

We've been having a lot of "what's next" conversations. Where do we want to live/raise the boys/work/play. I keep thinking a lot about nature v. nurture in how someone's upbringing adds to who they are (e.g. Seattle might give us goth teens, Marin bubble children (I grew up in Marin and loved it, though), San Diego surfer dudes, etc.) Yes, sweeping generalizations. Some days I think we need out of San Francisco to give the boys room to roam, other days I think we need a farm in Oregon so they can play with lamas in the back yard. Hopefully one day my company will go public and I can just have both :o).

Weekends like this, though, make me want to give the boys the city life for at least a few years.

Friday, after a much-too-long week, we had Rob and Emily over for dinner. Saturday brought rock climbing for Matt and walking the town for me and the boys.

Here's our Saturday night:
After a delicious dinner...

And some tunes with daddy:

We took the boys out walking and stopped by Sts. Peter and Paul Church on Washington Square (1-block from our house); we enjoyed the sites including an old Chinese man drinking a 40 who was watching a group of 20-somethings hackey sacking for a group of bums:

Around the corner we stopped for some live music at a restaurant (we were later joined by a guy tap dancing on the sidewalk ... not sure why he had tap shoes on):

All in all, a mellow San Francisco night.

Today I enjoyed a great run over the Golden Gate bridge, followed by "hang" time with a friend and good greasy Mexican food, wrapped up with my mom babysitting so Matt and I could go on a date for the best sushi ever. No really, it's the best.

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